Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let's Play Catch! (Up, that is)

Well, it sure has been a while since I have posted anything on here. I don't have a real good excuse I guess. Just life as a single working Mom keeping me busy. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

The cats are adjusted fairly well now and have developed nicknames. Tilly is "chicken" and T-Bone is "big boy". She is sociable mainly when Stephen is in bed for the night and then she is a pest. Most of the time T-Bone is somewhat sociable, when he is in the mood. I figure at his age he is entitled to some cranky days. The fish has survived nicely. The cats are more interested in my house plants than the fish. Most of my plants have been re-located to my bedroom. Stephen is really loving having them here. They crack him up and they don't even have to do anything.

Stephen continues to make progress in school, which is good. Tomorrow and Thursday morning the third graders are taking their first CSAP (for those of you who are fellow Hoosiers it is Colorado's version of the ISTEP test) tests. They do the reading portion now and then they will do the math portion next month sometime. Due to the fact that he has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan, I think that is what the initials mean, that is pretty close anyway) for his cerebral palsy he will get some help tomorrow and Thursday. He is still making good progress learning to read, but he is not proficient enough for this test yet. He retains everything he learns but sometimes getting it back out is interesting. He probably will get a little help with the math one also but probably not as much, which is fine. I don't want him to take advantage of anyone (and he is VERY smart about figuring those types of things out). All his teachers and helpers get the biggest kick out of him! He is looking forward to Easter already. I am not ready though. Didn't we just finish a couple of holidays?? Where does the time go?

He is on the downside of finishing his second year of AWANA's at Church. It will end the second week of May. I have just finished a five week parenting course at church. It was a very good course and well worth the time committment (we had homework to do every week also).

I am now the full-time 4-H secretary at the Extension Office where I have worked for the last 8 years. That is a very nice change from trying to do that and be the receptionist/horticulture secretary all at the same time for the last two and a half years. (And yes, for those of you who know me well, I realize I am not currently using my college degree but this has been and continues to be a good fit for Stephen and I.)

One of my brothers, Brian, has been in Georgia since January training for his second tour of duty in Iraq. He is supposed to go back over there mid-March. At least that is the latest date I have heard. He has had some back problems so I am not sure how he is doing with that now.

Well, I am tired and should go to bed and try to get some sleep before work tomorrow. Sleep has not been the best lately for various reasons. I don't have a real exciting life so I guess this is the update for now. Take care all of you who may read this! I miss all of you fellow Hoosiers!