Friday, January 9, 2009

Not to leave Cheryl out!

To be fair, I have to pick on my other sister, Cheryl also. You know, one for all and all for one, or something like that. Although, this is probably not what they meant. :) Cheryl turned 31 on January 1st. She was the new year's baby that year. Awwww.

Happy Birthday to Ann!

Happy 21st birthday to my not-so-baby sister MaryAnn! She is 21 today. Seems kind of weird though if you ask me. Not as weird as Stephen getting older though. If she gets on here and sees this, she'll probably kill me whenever she sees me again, but I had to do it! What are big sisters for if not to pick on the younger ones? :) We'll call the pictures "past" and "present".