Monday, August 3, 2009

Been awhile...

For anyone I know who may still be reading this, if you are not on FB maybe you are reading it. Stephen turned 11 today. YIKES! Garden is going well (mostly). Lots of rain lately. Low 70's last week, low 90's this week. Gotta love it here. (And I do, too!) Everyone is wondering what all the rain we've had this year since March 26th means for this coming winter. Will we be "moistured out" and have a dry winter, or will we get slammed? Could be interesting. Last winter was mostly a non-event so I guess we will have to wait and see. Survived working another County Fair. 109 hours in 8 consecutive days. OT is a good thing though. My one real chance each year to get some. Stephen did very well on all 5 of his 4-H projects! Yea! His Foods & Nutrition project and his Decorate Your Duds project are going on to State Fair! Exciting! He is getting ready to start the 5th grade soon (too soon for my liking, where did the summer go?) Had a great visit with Family and Friends in Indiana earlier this summer. Good visit with Mom when she came out here to help me with Stephen during Fair. Work will still be busy now till December. We still like our church. Both cats are still alive and well. Brats. We had a little frog but it kicked the bucket. Stephen won a carnival fish at fair and it died the next day. Surprise, surprise. I bought him a beta to replace it and it's still surviving for now. No name yet because I won't let him use the same name he gave the last two betas we had. Creativity can be a hard thing for a boy. :) That's the quick version of our lives lately. More sometime down the road, no promises when though.

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